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Datascribe Technologies Inc. began its journey in 1999, operating from Charlotte, NC providing medical transcription services. Our passion for quality and consistency quickly earned the trust of clients, and increased the demand for our services across the world.Raising demands for legal and business transcription services made us extend our services and establish centers in the USA, Canada, and India.
We are the Healthcare Service Providers specializing in Medical Records for clinical practices and also provide legal services to attorney offices in USA and Canada. We provide end-to-end solutions for all business transcription needs.
Why Datascribe?
Datascribe is providing quality medical transcription services, since 1999, for its clients worldwide, and has gained immense knowledge working on various specialties. Our passion for words and right expressions to convey information precisely and effectively helps us provide world class medical transcription services. Our ability to work on wide medical aspects, cost effectiveness and quality services makes us an even more preferred option for all medical transcription needs.
Clinics and physicians have benefited from our personalized healthcare services, which consists of receiving client requirements, analyzing the details, and execution of services. We provide constant monitoring and maintenance round-the-clock with real-time support. In short, we are an extended arm of our clients for clinical practices.
We deliver what we promise.
Technical Edge
We deliver state-of-the-art health record services through our Live Scribe dictation recording systems in secure data locations. The systems have 24x7 protection conforming to "Information Security and Management Systems." Multiple backup facilities along with uninterrupted power and internet services are provided to keep the data safe. System administrators work round-the-clock taking care of process flow and technical support performed under the guidelines of HIPAA.
Our Team
Our team consists of professionally trained and qualified individuals who have an eye for detail to handle health records as per AAMT standards. Our average health record processing experience per person is 700,000 audio minutes which speaks about the commitment of our team, ability to complete tasks effortlessly, and excellence par standards.
Our Work Process
Patients' health records sent to us by doctors in audio format is automatically routed through our homegrown "Transcription Management Software Solution" to our medical transcriptionists. These audio files are converted then into word files. Transcribed files are double checked by proofers to ensure accuracy before they reach clients. Periodical audits are done on the content to maintain ISO standards.
Our consistency in maintaining 24 hour turn-around-time throughout the years of our service is a matter of pride for us. Audio files sent by the doctors are transcribed and forwarded to authorized clinical systems for review early morning. This advantage is because our processing center is located at a 12-hour time difference, which signifies people are processing health records whole day and night.
Your Relaxing Time is Our Work Time
Cost Factor
Cost of service is a priority for any out sourcing company. We assure best competitive price for services rendered on a volume-tiered pricing system. There are no setup costs involved. Doctor can record audio directly on our Live-Scribe audio recording system which is toll-free with SSL 128-bit encryption and HIPAA compliant.
Our team is operating under the healthcare umbrella with strengths of processing records of multiple specialties including super specialty, and is professionally trained for multi-specialty document creation. The interdependency factor on specialties and constant "Continuing Education Program" for our team members keep their knowledge base up-to-date.
Our existing clientele is located at various locations across USA and Canada, which consists of individual medical care providers, clinics, polyclinics, medical practices, dispensaries, and chain of clinics. References can be provided after consulting with clients as we owe to HIPAA regulations and non-disclosure agreement bindings.
We strictly adhere to the rules laid down by "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" and understand the significance of privacy of patient data. With regards to this act, we operate under encryption mode eliminating the risk of data passing on to unauthorized persons. The security measures followed are in conformity with the prevailing laws specified by HIPAA.
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