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Live Scribe
Recording patient's medical history, consultations, and prescriptions can be very crucial in diagnosing complex medical problems. But the need to maintain patients' EMR has only multiplied doctors' responsibilities. Thanks to Datascribe LiveScribe services, recording patient health details has become easier. LiveScribe records doctors' dictation and stores it for distribution across Datascribe transcription segments. Our medical transcriptionists access these voice files and convert them into the prescribed text EMR format for doctors' reference.
Our LiveScribe team works round the clock to regularly process the voice files and deliver the EMR files with a minimum of 98% accuracy. This seamless service helps doctors save transcription time as they can avoid writing thousands of medical records and provide better healthcare. It helps hospitals improve their efficiency as more patient cases can be addressed and dedicate time to research on complex health problems.
Transcription is a tough job as the service provider may not be from a native English speaking country and needs to quickly grasp doctor's dictation in their native accent. But DataLife LiveScribe is a team of expert transcriptionists with rich experience in working for clients across the globe on varied specialties to complete the task with perfection.
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