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Legal Transcription
Legal Transcription is a task that involves listening to audio files on legal reports, interviews, investigations, and pleadings and converting them to a text format. A good command over English, grammar, knowledge of legal systems and proceedings, and using modern technologies for secure and safe transmission of legal data are all the essential aspects of this process. Get the help of legal professionals who are well-versed with working on multiple projects to take care of legal information.
Datascribe Transcription Services is the expert legal transcription service provider that has been effectively enabling legal documentation processes since 2005. Over the years we have provided best quality legal transcription services for our clients in the USA and Canada. Our round-the-clock monitoring and screening processes enable us to deliver quality services with great accuracy. Our transcriptionists have been successfully delivering quality with perfection.
Currently we are providing transcription services for our clients in the areas of litigation, employment, workers compensation, family law, patent law and appellate works.
Quality Control
Legal documentation processes require consistent professional quality and timely completion of work to enable efficient legal decision making processes. We have been able to win our clients' trust and continuing to provide exceptional services.
International Standards
We follow strictest measures to continuously deliver quality in our legal transcription processes to maintain international quality standards. We are the trusted Legal transcription service providers registered with Software Technologies Parks India (STPI).
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