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EHR Support with HL7 Integration
Electronic health records (EHRs) store valuable information about patients' health in a digital format. Many hospitals around the world have their own versions of EHRs which creates a disconnection when it comes to accessing the services of outsourcing firms. This increases difficulty for the outsourcing firms to link their services with the client. HL7 integration helps resolve this disconnection and provides an interface to link client data with the outsourcing firms' services.
Datascribe Technologies provides seamless EHR support services, which helps clients get solutions at the fastest turnaround time. Our EHR support team is highly qualified and skilled to support your entire EHR process. We have an in-house EHR application developed by our team of highly experienced engineers with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare domain. We integrate our EMR with clients' EHR using highly secure and healthcare industry standard HL7 messaging structure, thereby linking the traditional transcription methods with the latest EHR trends in US healthcare sector.
We help our customers improve their efficiency in using EHR by bridging gap between traditional medical transcription process and latest EHR technology. Our EMR works on real time communicating with our customer EHR to transfer the data using most secured HIPAA compliant technology.
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