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Traditional Medical Transcription
Medical record keeping is not a new practice, as man has been doing it to record health problems ever since he started writing. Doctors have been recording patients' medical conditions and following them up in their next visits. Medical Transcription is a 20th century practice when physicians took the help of medical stenographers to record medical data using short hand technique. Shorthand writing was gradually replaced by typewriters, and then by computers, and the stenographers were named Medical Transcriptionists.
Medical Transcription is a highly challenging profession as it requires record keepers to be well-versed with medical terminologies and nuances of grammar. It involves listening to doctors' recorded voice files on patients' medical records and converting them into text format. In contrast to using voice recognition software to automatically convert voice message into text form, traditional medical transcription involves great efforts and knowledge of the transcriptionist. The medical transcriptionist needs to be qualified enough to understand the medical language and understand the tone of native English speaker.
Datascribe Technologies has been providing quality Medical Transcription services ever since its inception in 1999. With years of experience in handling medical data for various clients and segments, we ensure better medical record keeping experience.
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